Chill Holiday Favorites

As we close out this year that has been trying for so many, I hope you are able to have time to be cozy and chill at home or wherever you may be. Here are a few of my favorite things that I thought I would share with you to enjoy during this holiday break.
1. Hot Chocolate (with Marshmellows of course and get cozy by the fire) or roast marshmallows for smores around a camp fire. Look how cute this hot chocolate idea is, I definitely will be doing this with my kids.
2. Play games- I love card games and board games. A few of my
favorites are Skip-BO, Uno, ConnectFour, we sit around the table and have tournaments together...
3. Make vision boards and get ready for the new doesn't matter how big or small, it is always fun to look forward to the future and get your kids involved and have them do their own.
4. Movie time: I recently saw the trailer for Dolittle and it looks cute, despite what critics said.  Coming from a family of animal lovers - we will surely be snuggling on the couch with blankets and popcorn.  
5. Video call family and friends: In a year when a lot of us can't all be together, we need more than ever to stay connected.  Have fun with it- a friend of mine recently said that they were even facetiming family to all have Christmas dinner together, you could play games together over facetime or zoom.
6. Be there for others in need: whether you know them or not- find a way to GIVE or be there for one another.  One way we are giving back this holiday is working together with friends locally by giving cozy slippers to children that are less fortunate in our community here in Cabo.  
7. On the note of giving, what about throwing in a few random acts of kindness.  Buy someones coffee or food that is behind you in the drive through or leave little notes for people to find that have kind words, like "you are loved".  
We could all use a little sharing of love and connection, I hope you find ways that brings you joy.