Travel Vlog + Insider's Look to San Cristobal de las Casas. TEAM TRIP 2019!

Travel Vlog + Insider's Look to San Cristobal de las Casas. TEAM TRIP 2019!

After returning from one of the most magical places from our EA team trip and being reminded that Mexico is more than just the touristy cities and beaches we wanted to show you some of our favorites from San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas.

 Every year we travel to some place in Mexico with the team to recognize and support the artisans that we work with, we had the amazing opportunity to explore this amazing place alongside the artisans that we collaborate with and make some of our most popular products. 

Check out the video we put together for you and come experience Chiapas with us.

xoxo, Faryn

Casa Lum
The hotel is 100% sustainable. They have their own organic orchard and reuse the water from the rains (and it rains for about 5 months a year). They really care for the environment and they do a great job at representing Chiapas with all the decoration with textiles and the food (and Pox drinks!)
Sombra del Agua
In a historic monument since 1907, Sombra del Agua also shares and represents Chiapas in its own way. They have this hallway with the different dialects around the region and you can also find traditional textiles around the property.
This brand preserves the traditional indigenous textiles creating contemporary and beautiful designs. Make sure to stop by at one of their locations as everything they make is a piece of art.
Mercado at Santo Domingo
This is a must visit in San Cristobal, we found the most beautiful crafts from artisans all over the region at the most accesible prices. There's no better way to experience all the different textiles and traditional designs all at once than this. Look for some jade and ambar pieces as they are regional stones. This is also pom pom land.
El Cau
Amazing staff. Make sure to stop for the best tapas in town and try the avocado cocktail!
Casa Lum Restaurant
Here, they introduced us to Pox, a liquor made of corn that originated from the mayans and the cocktails were SO good. Food was amazing. Service was great. And they had this insane plantain dessert you will not regret ordering.
They have everything from vegan and thai food to mexican food, there is something for everyone and everything is delicious.
Esquina San Agustin
Upscaled food court, perfect for a group that can't decide on just one place to eat. The space is super pretty and there are stores with exhibitions of art created by artisans of the region.
El Chiflon Waterfalls
Great way to explore nature and sneak in a workout. Hike up to see all the waterfalls and amazing views, and the funnest part? Zip line down and smile for the picture!
Downtown San Cristobal
Walk around the streets of San Cristobal and find the most amazing coffee shops, stores, museums. and for those chocolate lovers: check out Cacao Nativa.
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