Take a Walk in our Shoes

Take a Walk in our Shoes

Imagine yourself driving through the windy roads in the mountains of Chiapas and seeing hard working women along the way - some carrying wood or walking with their children, while others were sitting on the ground, barefoot with a back strap loom tied to a tree as they were weaving.  

January of 2016 was when I fell in love with the art of weaving on a trip to Chiapas, Mexico. This trip was the birth of so many projects we represent at Eclectic Array, but one in particular has held a special place in my heart. I never imagined it would turn out as perfect as it did...but now that it is here, I am in love.

Who doesn't love a good pair of Converse? I sure do, but what is even better than a pair of Converse, is a pair that has a fabric that was made by hand on a back strap loom by these incredibly talented women.  

Every pair we create is unique, handmade with love and takes a significant amount of time. This is traditionally a woven fabric that is made into pillows, bed runners, accents to clothing and bags, etc. One thing I love most about what we do at Eclectic Array is that we re-purpose beautifully made traditional pieces into something you may not expect - but will love, appreciate and use! By doing this, we are able to buy more from artisans since we completely transform the uses, giving them more opportunity than what is typically expected.

Each two meter piece of woven material comes to us as it is traditionally made on the loom. We then assign it a shoe size, determine whether it will be a high top or a low top, and then send it off to our talented manufacturers in Mexico that will create our finished product.  

It is a big project for our team that takes a lot of time and inspection. And, in the end, you are left with a beautiful, unique handmade product that impacts the lives of artisans in Mexico.  

I hope you love our newest product as much as we do.  




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