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Bio-Roxy Bag

Bio-Roxy Bag

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This amazing bag is made from reused pop-top bags, inner tubes, used tires, discarded plastic from billboards and soda cans.

Arturo, the designer, started this project motivated by his mission to create awareness of environmental issues and poverty issues in Mexico. This company provides remote job opportunities for women, so they are able to spend more time with their families.

He also encourages children from local schools in Mexico to learn about cleaning up the environment and recycling and then he gives money to the schools they attend for the pop-tops that they collect.

Height: 10"
Width: 10.5"
Strap long:  20"


reused pop-top bags, inner tubes, used tires, discarded plastic from billboards and soda cans. 

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Designed by Mexican activist Arturo, author or reduce , reuse, and recycle. The amazing bags intent to create conciousness of environmental protection issues.

Supporting local women in Guanajuato they started using garbage materials and giving workshops to make all kinds of useful things, decorative pieces and toys. And start selling at environmental fairs and markets in Mexican markets, everywhere there was an opportunity to do it so they could support their NGO organization by making their own things.

The bags are now mostly made by five sisters who live in the town of Guanajuato.  They sew together the pop-tops.  One man, Chuco, makes the inner tube part of the bags.  They all work from home so they can spend time with their families. In total they are 12 people in the organization working together to keep this project alive.

Shipping & Handling

This is an artisan-made item, with a small inventory. Can be eligible for shipping from México and can take 1-2 weeks to arrive, the wait is more than worth it!

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